Fees & Services

Our business serves two primary areas within the investment industry.

We are registered Investment Advisers and work with clients all over the U.S.  Our clients are individuals, high-net worth families and organizations seeking guidance on investments and financial matters. We provide discretionary asset management services, financial planning, software and advice. When we work with individuals and families, we will bundle account values to offer a lower tier fee structure.  Typically our fees range from .65% to 1.1% on an annual basis.

We also serve as advisers and plan consultants for workplace retirement plans. Our team contains an Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF) which is an ANSI accredited designation and a Certified Employee Benefits Specialist (CEBS). We believe the depth of service we provide helps our clients receive good value for their benefit dollar and quality insight into plan design and services. As asset managers, we are paid in a fee-only capacity. We do not receive commissions for investments. We benchmark our fees using third party information. Currently, we use the FI360 system for fiduciary monitoring. We also use FI360 data to benchmark our fees with the goal of being reasonably priced for the services we perform. 

Occasionally we are asked to perform pure consulting services for retirement plans. In that case, we may bill based on a per hour basis, or if asked we may estimate our hours and offer a project cost.  Although it is not significant to our business we may occasionally sell a group insurance product to one of our business clients. In that event we may receive commissions.

We may also occasionally sell individual insurance to a client. If a client has an insurance agent they trust and believe will do the proper job, we usually suggest they work with their agent. If a client wishes us to handle the matter, we will work to solve the problem, but it's not our perogative to sell insurance.  If a client has an existing relationship, we are happy to coordinate our services on client request and approval.  We view this as a courtesy to our clients, not a profit center, our objective is to ensure our clients have the appropriate coverage to manage the risks in their lives.