Retirement Planning

Most people are concerned about financial stability, security and having peace of mind in retirement.  We'll help you manage volatility by overseeing the right portfolio for you.  We'll look at your lifestyle choices and help you stay on financial track.  We'll also help you forecast the cost of healthcare and incldue that in a financial plan designed for retirement.  Retirement should be the most enjoyable time of life and you should to have confidence in the future.  As we develop your personal retirement strategy, we know from experience the kind of concerns, such as healthcare, legacy planning, asset protection and unexpected events. It's also not unusual for us to work with multiple generations. When the time is right for elder care planning, we help coordintate with other professionals such as your accountant, lawyer or trustees.

Usually about 3-5 years before you retire the preparations begin.  A few things to consider are:

  • Do you have enough to create a worry free financial future?
  • Do I have as much as I need?
  • What is a realistic expectation of income, and what about social security?
  • How do I invest my assets with optimal risk and income?
  • Where are my assets and how do I combine them. (see our rollover chart below and consult an adviser for specific advice)
  • How do I protect my assets against health and financial challenges.
  • Are there legal requirements tied to retirement plans, IRAs and other investments that need to be managed professionally?
  • What about wills, estate plans, financial management, Medicare and insurance?